Greeting Cards & Gift Wrap

Greeting Cards & Gift Wrap

At Notables, you’ll find just the right card for any occasion. Our large selection of blank and greeted cards are hand-picked from a select group of well-known companies, independent brands, and local artists.

M.I.L.K. Greeting Cards
Moments of Intimacy, Laughter and Kinship. Inspirational quotations for those you love.

Geof Burbidge Art Cards
“Canada Geese” and “Canoe Rack”.
Featuring photographs mounted on fine-textured, recycled cardstock by this Canadian photographer.

Blank Cards
“Stone Circle” and “Floating Stones,” Lake Taupo, New Zealand.
A stunning line of blank cards from the ART Group of England.

Thousands of Cards
Our cards are always changing. In addition to well-known names such as Recycled Paper Greetings, Blue Mountain Arts, and The Far Side, we carry cards from small, independent suppliers.

Every moment is a gift – 30 mini cards. Each pops open to reveal an inspirational quotation.

Gift Wrap

The best gifts come in beautiful packages! Notables carries gift wrap from all over the world – Japanese silk-screened chiyogamis, fabric-like tissues and saa papers, and unique European designs. Midori organza ribbons, as well as satins, plaids and other fine ribbons sold by the yard give your gift that final touch. Boxes, bags, and other creative ideas for wrapping round out the selection.

Introducing Fish Lips

Hip and modern designs on gift wraps printed in the USA on 100% post-consumer recycled papers with non-toxic soy based inks.

But they don’t look recycled! The smooth semi-gloss papers are covered with bright geometric designs.

The designer says,

“I am on a mission to show the world that you don’t have to sacrifice great aesthetics or functionality to be “green”. In today’s world, being “green” can be both easy and beautiful!”.