Staff Pick: Abby

For todays Staff Pick we have our lovely Abby {receiver extraordinaire} showing the products that she loves to keep on her desk!

Roma Frames: I’ve always loved these! They make a great gift, but I keep one on my desk to admire. They are beautifully hand crafted in Toronto using wood moulding imported from Italy.

Smock Letterpress Thank You Cards: If anyone knows my stationery tastes, they know that I can’t get enough of letterpress. Each box of cards includes this adorable statement, “All Smock goods are made by real human beings.” Well that sure is a relief!

Kate & Birdie Notepad: Being a shop favourite around here, I was so excited that I could add a little K&B to my desk! These brand new notepads from the all Canadian company are perfect for the list-makers.

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Staff Pick Friday: Anna

Cork Binder ~ What a creative idea, a “cork” binder! Out of all the binders and organizers we have in the store this one is my favourite. I tend to hoard mountains of paper and notes from school and so a binder really helps me out. First of all, I like how it is a “hard-covered” binder so it tends to be sturdy. Second, it has a very unique look and feel. Third, it is a perfect size: Not too thin, not too fat!  And lastly, it has a matching notebook! Now you can collect sheets as well as a notebook of delightful thoughts.
Soap Rocks (Jade and Golden Quartz)~ These beautiful soaps rocks really are a gem. They ALL smell, look and feel amazing. I have quite sensitive skin and used to smear aloe vera on my face to soothe it, but since the first (yes, the FIRST) ingredient in these soaps is aloe, I don’t have to do that anymore! The rest of the ingredients are just as natural by the way, so your skin will really love you. Not to mention the 14oz soaps are gigantic and will last forever!
Story by Kranz & Ziegler ~ Story is a newer addition to Notables and I think everyone in the store really loves it, but what girl wouldn’t? (for all the men out there: please take this is as a hint!). The bracelets are mainly multi-strand (authentic) leather ones and they come in a variety of colours. The nice thing about this line is that it can be very casual or it can be dressed up. You could even just wear the bracelet on its own. Also, since they are leather they wear very comfortably, and won’t tarnish! I personally prefer the black lambskin bracelet with the spacer charms. The spiky ones shown in the photo are some of my favourites.

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Staff Pick: Christine

As some of you may know, Christine is the face behind our pen counter. In addition to pen sales, she is also a writer and lover of nature so she has chosen some of her favourite products that reflect her interests!

1. Homo Sapien Rollerball Pen ~ Not only are these beautiful writing instruments the finest hand crafted Italian quality that the Visconti brand name offers, they are also made of authentic volcanic rock from the Etna Volcano in Italy. A truly solid piece of craftsmanship.

2. Ogami Notebooks ~ Speaking of rocks, I have to mention the Ogami Notebooks which have smooth white pages that are actually made from stone. When I first saw these, I could not believe the amazing look and feel of the pages. Haven’t you ever wanted your ideas written in stone?

3. White Water Soy Candle ~ These Canadian made, earth friendly candles are available in a variety of floral and organic scents and are self contained in their own jar with a replaceable lid. The burn time on these aromatic soy candles is an amazing 100 hours!


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Staff Pick Friday: Lori

Today our Production Assistant all-star, Lori, has chosen some of the wonderful Triple C Designs products that many of us are big fans of!

I wish you all a wonderful long weekend with your families and what I hope will be fantastic weather!

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Staff Pick Friday: Charmaine

Today’s Staff Pick comes from behind the wall… literally! Charmaine is our graphic designer who is quietly tucked behind the invitation area. So if you’re ever wondering what goes on behind that wall, it’s a whole lot of creativity and printing, as she is the one manning all of those jobs after Anne and I have met with each bride and groom.

{there are also laptop cases, iPad covers, wallets, mini wallets…}

As one of the graphic designers here are Notables, naturally she has a thing for paper, so when she laid eyes on the Mighty Wallet she was sold!

“When I found out that this paper was actually Tyvek, I was so excited! Tyvek is a non-toxic, super durable, tear resistant, light weight, breathable, water resistant material. It has so many uses but I recognized it as the giant sheets of material used to wrap around new houses as insulation – Crazy! I have purchased two of the wallets so far (not because they wore out but because there are so many fun designs I can’t choose just one). Ironically enough, the one I want next looks just like a sheet of lined paper!”

Because of the materials multiple uses, you can even write on them! In fact some of the designs are begging to be doodled all over. You can imagine Charmaine’s excitement when she found this out.

“One of my favourite Notables products is the Fisher Space Pen which just so happened to star in one of my favourite episodes of Seinfeld! The moment I found that we carried the Space Pen I knew I had to own one and now that I do there is no way I could ever be without one. I own the bullet, which is the perfect purse pen. When the cap is on, it is a mini pen (just longer than a business card) which means I can tuck it anywhere that fits my bank card and lip balm. The cap can then be switched to the back making it a full sized pen. This pen is also pressurized which allows it to function in ways that typical pens can’t. It works upside down, under water, in extreme temperatures, on smooth surfaces like pipe and tin and in zero gravity. It was after all designed for NASA for the Apollo Missions. How can you not love this pen?”

{I must chime in – I have the Silver Bullet and I love it because it doubles as jewelry for me as it hangs on a nice long silver chain.}

 ”This iPhone case is fantastic! It is the perfect mix between beauty and functionality. It is handcrafted from zebra wood which is typically found in Central Africa and has a firm place at the top of my Christmas list!”

Wonderful picks by Charmaine, our paper lover, and they all make for great stocking stuffers too!

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Staff Pick Friday: Sophia

This weeks staff pick comes from yours truly! Since you hear from me so often, I think this would be an excellent time to share a little about myself. My name is Sophia and I am one of the Invitation Consultants here at Notables and I also happen to have a love for social media, which is why I am so lucky to write this blog and help Suzanne with a number of other tech-y tasks! I feel blessed to be in a creative environment with such lovely co-workers. Having graduated with a major in illustration and graphic design, this wasn’t the route I imagined myself taking, although it has been one of the most rewarding jobs. My love for design and invitations has a lot to do with the items I have chosen below, take a look!

Yes, that is my very own Moleskine that you are peering into. As much as I depend on my phone for absolutely everything, I get so much satisfaction by physically writing down my thoughts and lists {I tend to over do it, but I’m also extremely forgetful}. Being a person who does not deal with change so well, I often go into a slight panic attack every time I need a new Moleskine journal. It’s come with me on trips, it has my americano misto drops on every couple of pages, it truly is a part of me. This journal comes in so many different sizes, colours, cover variations, page options… the list goes on! My go to is the hardcover Squared Notebook in 5″ x 8.25″ but I have been known to also pick up the Set of 3 Plain Journals with the kraft cover in 7.5″ x 10″ or the hardcover Ruled Notebook in 3.5″ x 5.5″. From scribbling grocery lists to doodling words for my next custom rubber stamp, my Moleskine carries the story of my life from day to day and I would be lost without it.

Moleskine journals are the perfect segue into my next item, Faber Castell Broadpens! I’ve been a fan since I was in school and needed drawing pens for ink illustrations. Once I discovered this beautiful array of colour choices I was in heaven {because for a long time I was a dedicated fan of the black Broadpen only}. This line ranges from high end fountain pens to fishy shaped sharpeners – it’s great! I should apologize because I must be a disgrace to pen lovers as my choice of pen is that of the lower end of the scale ringing in at $2.85. What can I say? Once I have tried something that works, I tend to stick to it. But you should know that I also have a huge love for fountain pens! I have nicely paired my favourite pen with a Kate Spade note card reading “i heard you were under the weather” {too cute}.

Yet again, another item complementing the next! {It wasn’t planned at first, but it just worked out this way.} Working in a “card store” as many people refer to it as, I have become quite the collector of greeting cards in all shapes and sizes. Mixing two of my loves, Kate Spade and greeting cards, this boxed set had my name all over it! Like many of my co-workers, I have a strong appreciation for the hand written note and this little set is perfect for any occasion with categories like happy birthday, thank you, congratulations, just because and get well. Plus they come with beautifully lined envelopes! Oh and did I mention they are letterpressed? Yeah, they are! So many things that I love wrapped up a cute brown box.

Now I will switch gears a little and go to something that doesn’t quite have anything to do with note cards… Fancy binders! If it’s one thing I like, it’s fancy. Fancy anything for that matter. I get made fun of around here because I am just about the only one who will spend $30+ on these russell+hazel binders. {Look at how gorgeous they are though.} Taking form and function to another level, russell+hazel just came out with these metallic patterns that I am falling so hard for. I am also a huge fan of anything miniature sized, so when I laid eyes on these fancy little things I went gaga over them! How wonderful would these binders look when you are meeting a client or dashing off to your next class? Each of the larger sized binders come with an elastic band that I find so useful when I’m not quite ready to file something away just yet {I told you, I’m forgetful!}

There you have it readers, Sophia’s notables at Notables. Happy weekend, readers!

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Staff Pick Friday: Brenda

Here we go for round 2 of Staff Pick Friday! Today I will introduce you to the backbone of the store, Brenda, our store manager. Whether it’s to lend an ear {or a hug} when you’re having a bad day, or being that all-star manager that is meeting everyone’s needs and desires, our in-store Mom is anything but uncool and dated!  She’s got a knack for selecting the perfect card for any occasion, as she is the face behind our amazing selection of greeting cards. Read on to find out what a few of her favourite store picks are!

{$13.95 each}

Eeboo, out of NYC, offers timeless and traditional illustrations in their children’s product. I really appreciate their Tell Me A Story flashcards. These award winning story cards are suitable for ages 3 and up and encourage vocabulary and creative language development through interactive stories that either the child shares with the adult, or the other way around! 100% original artwork, no licensed Hello Kitty here!

{$5.50 – $9.50 each}

Canadian made for our favourite canine friends! We have our own dog barkery in the shop with all natural baked goodies that look like they’re made for humans! Truffles, hotdogs, and hamburgers with fetch fries and cookies decorated for Halloween and birthdays are sure to make any dog owner/lover smile. They have even passed the Cali taste test… she loved them!

{although these cards are blank, they are accompanied by very subtle and sweet sayings on the back of every single one of them… as they are shown above, too cute!}

My absolute favourite new card line out of NYC is called Screetch Owl Design. Can a person be obsessed with a card line?? {Yes Brenda, only you!} These quirky, original illustrations are printed on 100% recycled paper and are left blank for your own personal message. They are suitable for any occasion when you want to send a note to someone. Who wouldn’t want to receive a card in the mail… much better than a bill! Long live the handwritten note!

That’s our Brenda in a nutshell! Like anything you see above? Grab some breakfast this weekend at Urban Diner and come for a stroll {be sure to bundle up with scarves and mitties.. we’ve hit winter Edmonton!}.

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Staff Pick Friday: Courtney

Are you thrown off by today’s post? Don’t be! It’s something new that I am adding to our week of posts, in hopes that you can enjoy more of Notables.

Courtney is our receiver/merchandiser extraordinaire who is wickedly funny, and today marks her last day with us. We are all so sad to see her go, but we will have an everlasting post of all of her favourite things! Lunch time shenanigans will be missed with you Courtney, but we wish you the best of luck in what ever the future holds for you!

{gift bag $3.50, magnet $7, journal $8.50}

First up for Courtney’s picks is a UK brand called, Waldo Pancake. {Yes, it is as hilarious as it’s quirky name.}

CGI love it because there is a wide variety of products including gift bags, notebooks, magnets, key chains, book marks, greeting cards and more. Not only are the items humorous at first glance but they also have fun little sayings on the back and for some notebooks, throughout them as well.

{The notebook shown above says, “Stand on head and write in, semi regretting buy decision” on the back. Fun, right? I feel like we all have a little Waldo Pancake in us all, and if not someone in your life would fit this sarcastic line.}

{Birthday cards $3.95; inside card: “I know aquariums can be a pain, so I left the goldfish at the pet store. You can visit any time. He’s the orange one.”}

CG – I actually laugh out loud when I read these Frank and Funny cards! There is something for everyone to enjoy. Each style is a joke written by a comedian and they don’t disappoint! I actually purchased five the day that they arrived and I am going back for more because I want to keep them on hand.

{paper straws in various colours $4.50/pkg. }

CG – These paper straws are so fun at parties, the different colours and styles make any beverage more exciting. I mean, everyone loves drinking out of a straw, why not spice it up a little?! And paper is better for the environment than plastic. I took a package out with my friends and I for my birthday and everyone at the restaurant commented on them. I actually gave most of them out to other patrons, who enjoyed them thoroughly.

{I still blow bubbles in my chocolate milk – so these are a must for me!}

{Diplomat fountain pen $90; available in beautiful pastels shows above}

CG – I use my Black Lacquer Esteem fountain pen all of the time and I always get such great compliments on it. It even gets people talking about writing instruments which gives me a chance to educate others on the necessity to carry and use a fountain pen!

There you have it readers, Courtney’s Notables It-List! I hope you all enjoy this beautiful fall weekend and if you know an engaged couple, send them to the Bridal Expo this Sunday at the Shaw Conference Centre.

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