A New Year!

 A fresh new year is always time for a new start – and so we have:

New store hours – for the cold dark months of January and February, we will be closed on Sundays. All other hours remain the same.

A new beginning - we have lots of great agendas still in stock to get you organized for the new year.


We have marked down all kinds of great stock!

thomas sabo

Thomas Sabo

Start the year off with some great Thomas Sabo bling at special pricing.

Buy one piece – 20% off, 2 pieces 30% off, 3 or more – 40% off!


 Lug Clearance – 30% off of select pieces


All Christmas merchandise 1/2 price


Many more half price markdowns!

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Why Paper Agendas?

Happy Monday everyone! Hopefully you had a chance to enjoy some Duchess treats and great deals at our Sidewalk Sale this weekend. If not, make sure to note when our birthday sale is happening!

I thought I would share with you a little something we here at Notables feel very strongly about: paper agendas. Yes, the good old fashioned, write it down, carry-it-with-you-everywhere-you-go, agenda! There will always be the debate between digital vs. paper. In the end, I think we will all fall into some happy medium. The ones who love the idea of writing something down and not having to type in ’8am – 8:30am take out trash at home’ will go towards the paper agenda, but still have their iPhone around for when they need to set a reminder for something vital. The others, well, they will just fall into the trap of technology’s vortex and never see another pen and paper again. You decide, but I will continue to tell you why I think having a paper agenda is so important.

Other than the fact that we have a beautiful selection of agendas in the store (while not year round, but you can always go to the trusty Filofax, and hop on at any point in the year) I am a true believer in writing things out. This very well could be a personal preference, but I tend to write things out a few times, and having a paper agenda helps with this. I’ve written it out, I’ve seen it, and I know it’s there. If I were to put it in my phone, I exit my calender and completely forget it ever existed. Plus, I never have to worry about the possible chance that my paper agenda is going to run out of battery life. My personal favourite go to for an agenda is the Moleskine brand. It’s simple and my pen writes nicely on it. I couldn’t ask for more. But, if I wanted to upgrade at all and get into something fancier, I would seriously consider getting a Filofax. You can keep the same jacket and replace the inserts every year. Or, there are some brands like Leuchttrum1917 and Moleskine, that come out with academic agendas. This means that it’s not the traditional 12 month calender, it is actually 18 months (July 2012 – December 2013.) Paperblanks is another (12 month) agenda line that we carry that is Canadian designed.

There you have it! Like I said though, you can decide what works best for you. Organization is key in my life, so as long as I have it down somewhere my intentions were good. You can come and check out our selection of 18 month agendas that we have in store right now!

Notably Yours,


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