Our Amazing Customers

Sale Day Line Up

Wow! What an amazing start to our Moving On Sale. Customers arrived before 8:15 in the morning and the line up outside went all the way to Cloud Nine Pajamas. Thank you sunshine for finally coming out and shining your light on us all day!Thank you Starbucks! I hear you passed out treats to those in line. Ted and Chloe manned and dogged the door, entertaining customers all day. Once inside, there were still lineups – at the pen counter, at the cash desk – but all of our customers were amazing, patient and happily made new friends in line! Our staff were heroes on the floor, barely taking a break and running their feet off. It was the most incredible day to witness and be a part of.

We moved a lot of inventory, the busiest day in our history, but still have lots more to go. There are many great purchases to be had. Regular store hours continue Monday through Saturday until we close sometime mid to late May. All fixtures and equipment in the store are for sale as well. Please inquire.


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