Vendors We Love: Cory Christopher

Every day I am inspired by other wedding professionals showcasing what they do best. My Facebook feed and list of blogs to follow are constantly blowing up with great local talent and I love it! Another reason why I enjoy doing this post, Vendors We Love, is because it gives us the chance to share the amazing work of these talented folks that we’re gushing over and have had great experiences with.

Cory Christopher is just one of many whose work I drool over. He started out at Dasee Floral Boutique curating all sorts of floral goodness. Dasse has now blossomed into his self named art, design and lifestyle brand and I recently had the chance to catch up with Cory!

130824-CC-32photo by Timeless Edge Photography

NS: Give us your best Tweetography so we can get a better idea of who you are and what you do! 

Cory Christopher embodies creativity. There is nothing that is impossible when bringing design concepts to life! No ceiling is too high, no idea out of reach!

NS: Why did you become a designer?

From a young age I have loved nature. Its beauty, its complexity and its ability to elicit an emotional response with a simple movement or engagement. I have always seen the world as a rich tapestry of architectural elements, combining together to create a symphony of visual splendor.
NS: What do you love most about your job? 
CC: Connecting with people is incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling for me. The process of discovering and sharing the client’s personal stories, utilizing creativity and design elements is captivating and often provides opportunity for my own personal growth and discovery.
NS: What is the most challenging? 
CC: Balancing between logistics and creativity and recognizing when your instincts have selected the right one.
NS: What makes Cory Christopher different?
Cory Christopher offers a truly personalized experience with a fresh and inspiring take, where there is a tremendous love of wow! Our curated team of dedicated artists, designers and collaborators allows for a supportive environment where even the most impossible designs become reality.
NS: What are some of the upcoming trends that you are most excited about?
At Cory Christopher we are most excited about intimate weddings with personal touches and details. As much as we look to the trends and see where the industry is going, we pride ourselves on creating an authentic experience that is a timeless reflection of each individual.
NS: What are your tips for brides and grooms when they are considering flowers for their wedding?
Don’t just think about the flowers, think about the vase, the accents, the continuity between floral design and the rest of your day. Be open to seasonal flowers. Remember it may only be one day, however it is an introduction to your new story. Let it represent you in every way possible.

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