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Edmonton’s husband/wife duo behind Whimsical Cake Studio is passionate about cakes and your event! We have had the pleasure of working with Ailynn and Ken when they created a master piece of a cake for our 25th Birthday Sale two summers ago. I was able to nab Ailynn during this busy wedding season, and she had this to say about their unique cake studio…

What do you love most about your job?

Getting to play with fondant and icing does not feel like work most days! Yes, working with cake and icing are the not simplest mediums to work with, but in the end…it’s just cake. When clients tell me they don’t want to cut the cake because it looks amazing, I tell them that cutting it is the best part because you’re one step closer to eating it!

How did your every day orders differ from your wedding orders?

Our every day orders can be more intricate and challenging than some wedding orders. They can also be a lot more fun when our clients give us more creative freedom. It becomes more like playing with cake and icing vs feeling like work and stressing about making something perfect. It’s a wonderful thing when every day a Whimsical cake or cupcake leaves our studio. It means that someone out there is being celebrated.

What makes Whimsical Cake Studio different? How do you provide a distinct wedding experience?

The difference is definitely in the cake flavours. We make all our cakes and buttercream from scratch and the best part of having a wedding cake is that it looks just how you envisioned… maybe better and tastes just as good. Most people think that cakes don’t get eaten at weddings, but our clients come to us because they enjoy the taste of their cakes. They make it a point to cut it up and serve it and it never fails. The first compliments we get is about flavour before anything else. 
In terms of service, I think that picking your wedding cake design should be stress-free. We make it casual and fun. Cake tasting is the fun part of wedding planning because let’s face it…you can’t taste your flowers! You meet with us once or twice and we discuss the details for your day and help you design the right cake for you. We find that if you come with an open mind and ready to be sweetened up with cake and buttercream, the consultation should be easy breezy.

What are some of the upcoming wedding cake trends that you are excited about?

I’ve never actually been one to follow cake trends. I’ve always felt that the design of your wedding cake should be more personal and make a little statement about the couple. Whether it be a pattern or colour, it should not have to follow a trend. It’s great because I find that most Groom’s get their biggest say when it comes to design and flavour. It always impresses me when the Groom knows just what he wants for the design of the wedding cake. We have couples who want anything from the most traditional cake to the most non-traditional. Our inspiration comes from the couple, their personality, their likes and dislikes.

Any tips for Brides and Grooms when considering their wedding cake?

We hope that couples come in with not just a budget in mind, but an understanding of who they are ordering from. Do not just go for price, albeit it is very important. If you are ordering a wedding cake, you don’t just want it to look spectacular…you want it to be edible and delicious. You want your guests to enjoy it and talk about how great it tasted too. Let the design be timeless to your personal taste, be it classic or modern.

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