Wedding Wednesday: Thank You Cards

With the excitement of your wedding date approaching, it’s only a matter of time before you will begin writing your thank you cards. And yes, you read correctly ~ personally writing thank you cards is the whole point of graciously thanking your guests for their thoughtful gift and for spending the best day of your lives with the both of you. They took the time to think of a gift {okay, perhaps they made a trip to the Bay to look up your names in their registry}, wrap it up in white and silver paper with ribbons, and write a card for the happy couple. Just think of the smiles that will come across everyone’s faces when they receive another personalized piece of stationery from you!

You may have received Thank You cards in the past, so you know they really can vary. Feel free to get as creative or stay as classic as you would like. After all, as your invitation was the first impression of your wedding day, your thank you card will be the last impression… so make a good one! A Thank You card, most often, is a standard sized folded note card with or without a photo of the bride and groom. If you’re feeling like kicking it up a notch or two, include a DVD that highlights some moments of your special day, or a CD featuring a handful of the best tunes played at your reception.

{photo by Kelsy Nielson; design by Notables; Graf Von Faber Castell Anella ballpoint pen}

Keep these tips in mind…

Tip 1 – Consider ordering your Thank You cards at the same time as your ‘day-of’ stationery. This will allow you to get started on them as soon as the post-wedding haze has settled.

Tip 2 – Send them out as early as you can {the sooner the better} but you do have within 1 year of your wedding. Although, you will feel so much better once they are all done!

Tip 3 – Much like your wedding invitations, hand addressed envelopes are always preferred!

Tip 4 – Hand write all of your cards… oh wait, did I already mention that?

Tip 5 – Dig a little deeper than “Thank you for the gift”. Let you guests know that you appreciate the gift they gave, so mention what it is and how you will use it. {If the gift was cash, the above is still true, but don’t mention the amount}.

Happy writing!

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