Inklings: Visconti Homo Sapien

It’s been a while since we have dedicated an entire post to pens, so I will make an effort to include that side of Notables on our blog. Because let’s face it, we all love pens around here so why not talk about them?

If we’re talking the pen of all pens, this is it! The Visconti Homo Sapien is what you want if you’re a hardcore writer and lover of fine writing instruments. Let’s dive right in…

I would have to say that the most unique feature of this fountain pen is the 23k palladium Dreamtouch nib. This nib requires no pressure whatsoever in order to write {sigh of relief from the writers}. This nib is also the highest value nib ever manufactured in fountain pen history!

The Bronze Age fountain pen features a high vacuum ‘push-and-pull’ piston filler of pure titanium for total corrosion resistance. The Steel Age fountain pen takes ink via a twist piston filling system. Not to fret though, if any of this has gotten you feeling a little lost with plungers and pistons our pen expert, Christine, will answer any of your questions!

Crafted from lava rock gathered from the Etna Volcano in Florence, Italy, this masterpiece of a pen is sure to excite and inspire the truest of fountain pen users.

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