Wedding Wednesday: Unique Ideas for Seating Charts & Place Cards

Last week we showed you an array of seating charts, so you may be wondering why there’s more! Well truth is, we have so many ideas running through our minds that having just one post about them wasn’t enough. If you thought there was lots to see for wedding invitations, just wait until you see what we have in store for you today! Hang in there while I go through bright place cards, hanging seating charts and so much more, read on…

Okay, is this fun or what?! A hanging seating chart that works great for an outdoor reception or just as easily for something happening indoors. We have used matching twine to hang this one, but you could use a variety of strings or ribbons instead.

Notice in the first photo that the names are alphabetically grouped {this one shows ‘A’ and ‘B’}. Otherwise, given your number of guests it would be crammed for space. Here we mixed modern geometric shapes with a DIY component. This works really well for a traveling place card that starts out as a seating chart. Your guests could take their name tag along with them and…

hang it around their glass for the evening!

How about a fun, colourful backyard BBQ reception? This handy package keeps things conveniently together in a mini chevron bag {we have plenty of colours to choose from and even different patterns} that add so much to the decor and little details. How thrilled would your guests be to sit down to one of these?

These traditional place cards can be personalized in a great way to tie in your colours and theme for a formal reception.

If you’re wedding is coming up and you are in need of any ‘day-of’ accessories, book your appointment by visiting our website or give us a call!

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