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In the busy couple of months leading up to your wedding, there are probably a lot of tasks on your {what probably seems like a never ending} ’to-do’ list. Thankfully, we are here to help you with anything along the way ~ we want to ensure you have all of the resources you could possibly need to make your day look as cohesive and consistent as it should be. Today we are on the topic of wedding programs. To do a wedding program, or not to do one ~ is a personal preference. If you are having a long or religious wedding ceremony {perhaps in another language other than English} a program is a nice way to explain what’s happening. Match it up with the same fonts and colours as your wedding invitations and you have yourself a great little keepsake too! Even if your ceremony is going to be in English and no longer than 20 minutes, a program can be printed on a beautiful card stock that is double sided, listing your wedding party and the series of events. Often times you will also see a general ‘thank you’ from the bride and groom on the back {however, this does not replace a handwritten thank you for a gift}. I have gathered a gallery below of program inspiration but you can also check out more on our ‘Wedding Programs’ Pinterest board.

Amanda of 100 Layer Cake designed her entire wedding suite {down to writing on those black and white striped favour bags!} in classic black and white with fun pops of pink paired with custom lettering by Bernadette Pascua.

These programs are such a great idea packed with photos, an itinerary for the day, stories of how the couple met and cross-word and Sudoku games much like an actual newspaper would have!

This couple really went above and beyond with their day-of stationery {this is the same couple that did the newspaper program above}. They are sleek with simple colours yet playful while incorporating infographic style illustrations.

For the couple who wants to acknowledge their families and wedding party while keeping it short and sweet, pop all of your information on a double-sided customized card especially made for you and your day!

A booklet style program is suitable for you if you have a large amount of information or maybe you just prefer a book to a card. This gives you more room to play around with, too.

We’ve covered the fun, the simple, the unique and the traditional. I always seem to be harping about etiquette but there are no real rules when it comes to programs. Although, as always, when doing anything that involves wording, consistency is best! For any more information don’t be shy, come in for a complimentary consultation where we will answer any of your questions and create ‘day-of’ stationery that is perfectly suitable for your wedding day.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks and I’ll be talking about more ‘day-of’ stationery pieces!

photos via 100 Layer Cake

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