Staff Pick Friday: Anna

Cork Binder ~ What a creative idea, a “cork” binder! Out of all the binders and organizers we have in the store this one is my favourite. I tend to hoard mountains of paper and notes from school and so a binder really helps me out. First of all, I like how it is a “hard-covered” binder so it tends to be sturdy. Second, it has a very unique look and feel. Third, it is a perfect size: Not too thin, not too fat!  And lastly, it has a matching notebook! Now you can collect sheets as well as a notebook of delightful thoughts.
Soap Rocks (Jade and Golden Quartz)~ These beautiful soaps rocks really are a gem. They ALL smell, look and feel amazing. I have quite sensitive skin and used to smear aloe vera on my face to soothe it, but since the first (yes, the FIRST) ingredient in these soaps is aloe, I don’t have to do that anymore! The rest of the ingredients are just as natural by the way, so your skin will really love you. Not to mention the 14oz soaps are gigantic and will last forever!
Story by Kranz & Ziegler ~ Story is a newer addition to Notables and I think everyone in the store really loves it, but what girl wouldn’t? (for all the men out there: please take this is as a hint!). The bracelets are mainly multi-strand (authentic) leather ones and they come in a variety of colours. The nice thing about this line is that it can be very casual or it can be dressed up. You could even just wear the bracelet on its own. Also, since they are leather they wear very comfortably, and won’t tarnish! I personally prefer the black lambskin bracelet with the spacer charms. The spiky ones shown in the photo are some of my favourites.

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