Wedding Wednesday: DIY Straw Flags

Any brides wondering how to add little touches of hand-made cuteness to their wedding, or even bridal showers? Well, we just got in our favourite striped and polka-dot straws and I’m going to show you a few adorable ways to play them up! Follow my step by step directions below:

1. Choose some of your favourite paper straws.

2. I like using washi tape because the width stays consistent and it’s already sticky ~ bonus! Cut a comfortable length to work with.

3. Once you have made your flag, trim the ends.

4. Feel free to switch it up with materials, too! Here I have used a light-weight shimmery paper cut to the length I wanted.

5. Then with a double-sided adhesive, line the longest sides with tape and continue just the same is if it were the washi tape.

6. You can trim them however you would like, but I also like writing on these ones!

There you have it! A simple way to add a little love to your event, all with paper and tape ~ which in case you didn’t already know, we love! Please feel free to share what you have done with paper straws.

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