Wedding Wednesday: Addressing Etiquette

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Your beautifully assembled wedding invitations are finally in your hands and you can’t wait to send them out to your nearest and dearest. There’s just one thing left to do ~ address your envelopes. If you are dreading this part you’re not alone! Between gathering everyone’s addresses to figuring out who should receive one, oh, and let’s not forget about the ‘no kids’ thing! Continue reading and I will explain it all to you.

In my last few years of consulting, I have found that this is an area where most couples are opting for the less formal route. Personally, I have never created an invitation for a couple with inner and outer envelopes and to be honest, if I wasn’t doing what I am doing right now, I would never have known what the difference between the two was. Let’s discuss…

Tradition states that you should use both inner and outer envelopes, use full titles when addressing to your guests, list each child under the age of eighteen and send out a separate invitation to those over the age of eighteen {yes, even if it’s still getting sent to the same address}. If you choose to go this route, using and abiding by correct and formal titles is a must.

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If you find yourself scratching your head saying, but I’ve never received a wedding invitation like that before, not to worry. One outer envelope addressed correctly with all of its contents nicely packaged inside is likely what you’re familiar with. In most cases I am all for traditional {if it suits your event of course} however, in this case it should reflect your personal style and formality of event.

It is {supposed to be} a known fact that whomever the envelope is addressed to, is who is invited. If you are not intending for your cousin’s children to be at your wedding, then you’re only addressing to the couple. If you are inviting a close friend and would like them to bring a guest, find out who they are bringing and include their name on the envelope. There is something so sad about seeing “and Guest” on an invitation.

Before I forget, there are a few other things that make me sad. When I see a bright white address label on a beautiful shimmery envelope, I want to cry. I beg of you, please try a cute DIY wrap instead. It makes for a much friendlier impression, I promise! Also, the use of abbreviations on addresses, it doesn’t take much longer to write out the rest of the word and it looks so much better.

I hope this has helped you through your minor invitation addressing delay. If you have any question that I may not have touched onshare in the comments below!

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