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Some find it odd that paper and typography excite me {and I mean, really excite me}. We all have those weird things that make us smile inside and out, right? Choosing and designing your wedding stationery is a once in a life time experience and it sets the tone of your big day, it can however be a little overwhelming. That’s where we come in – the experts – we are here to inspire you, celebrate you and make the process along the way stress free. While the internet is a great resource for researching services and finding inspiration, it’s a tricky thing ordering wedding stationery online without some guidance. Compared to ordering a blouse online from a trusted company, you read a few reviews from previous buyers, you note the materials the garment is made out of and you have a fairly good idea of the quality and fit. Paper products are both visual and tangible and you can never truly tell what the quality of printing is going to turn out like. Never mind the horror of choosing what you thought was mint green and receiving emerald green on your final product. {Colour varies from computer screen to computer screen.} In a day and age where everything has been made faster and easier for us with the click of a button, nothing beats working with an expert. We take the time to go over all of the details with you from creative ideas to etiquette. Read on to see why I think it is important for you to come in and talk with us about your wedding stationery.

Every bride and groom deserves to be treated like royalty! You only get married once, so why not enjoy each and every part of the planning along the way. Our process consists of a one and a half hour consultation to discuss all of your stationery needs. Our goal is to give you our undivided attention during this time, ensuring that your vision is truly understood and executed. We are here to provide endless inspiration and tips, discuss and perfect the wording and make etiquette and grammatical suggestions along the way. {Don’t feel that you can’t call for any questions or concerns you may have at any point during your order – we love talking to you on the phone and emailing you!} We will stop at nothing to make sure that the moment you hold your final printed invitation in your hands you are both jumping for joy! {We get giddy at the unveiling of your wedding stationery.}

We have done it all, seen it all and have learned from each and every suite that we put together. From tips on wording and design trends to tricks for assembling your pieces – our invitation experts can suggest the ideal paper products for you. Inviting Aunt Maria and Uncle John, but don’t want to invite their two small children? No problem – we’ll advise you on the proper way to address their envelope. Wondering when exactly you should be asking for your reply cards to be returned? We’ll explain the entire process. Do you like the way raised ink feels, or the formal look of embossing? These are just some of the many printing processes we can guide you through. Who would think there would be so many decisions to make when designing your wedding stationery? Our design consultants are so good at what they do, they’ll take all the pressure off and assist in customizing the perfect invitation.

We spend our days working with couples and families to come up with creative and unique ways to set the tone for their big day. {It is after all the invitation that your guests will receive first and give them a taste of how formal or informal your event will be.} We provide creative ideas and suggestions that you may not think of yourself – like fun DIY embellishments, perfect colour palettes and trendsetting typography. We love bouncing around different ideas and showing you in-store samples to inspire and help you bring your vision to life. With the help of an educated design consultant you will have an invitation suite that reflects both of your styles.

I have already mentioned that each computer screen translates colour differently, and although the price may be right for ordering invitations online you never know what you’re getting as a final product. It is next to impossible to judge paper and printing quality from a screen. Thankfully with clothing you can at least return your items and usually get a refund. Ordering wedding invitations online means they can’t be returned, no matter how unhappy you are with them. {We’ve encountered situations where couples have ordered invitations online and ended up so disappointed with the final product that they end up redesigning and ordering with us, which means more money spent and more time wasted.} Coming in and sitting down with a consultant gives you the opportunity to feel the difference between 80 lbs. and 110 lbs. card stock, or see the difference between digital printing and letterpress printing. You get to hand pick all of your colours and see what they look like printed, so there are no surprises once you see your final invitation. In my opinion, nothing beats a personal consultation.

I told you – I get excited! But I promise, the amount of time and effort put into your wedding stationery will pay off once you see everything all together {invitations nicely assembled and ready to send out, table numbers laying in their miniature easles on your beautifully decorated tables, menu/place cards all sitting nicely on top of your guests chargers – yup, we do it all!} Think of how thrilled your guests will be to receive this beautiful, thoughtful invitation for an event celebrating the both of you. It’s an exciting time, this wedding planning, enjoy it!

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