Wedding Wednesday: Fashion Week

In the spirit of Fashion Week making its way across Europe as we speak, I thought this would be a great way to talk about all of the ways that design and the things that we see around us influence our tastes and perhaps wedding stationery, too! When I am asked what I studied at school, my answer is graphic design and immediately everyone assumes either fashion design or interior design. {Apparently graphic design just wasn’t popular at the time for people to know what that meant exactly.} Something that I was taught in school was to use the uncommon ~ which sometimes ended up being quite common ~ for inspiration. Trends are often carried through from fashion to cars, to product design and even architecture to name a few. So I find it so inspirational to have one image that you can’t take your eyes off of and that may have nothing to do with your end product, but is the whole reason you went through that creative journey. Hence why we are taking Fashion Week and the collections shown by some of the worlds top designers as inspiration. Everything has the potential to inspire your makeup to your home design. If you’re questioning me, take a look below.

Granted, many things start to cross over so you may wonder what the difference is between “rustic” and “barnyard vintage” and I guess that’s up to you ~ the planner. You have the ultimate picture of how you’re wedding should be and everything that goes into it will play a hand at making that happen. I hope you are able to look beyond other brides’ weddings as inspiration, because it is all around us. Perhaps a lunchtime walk with co-workers will spark a colour, or another detail for your big day. Have fun with it!

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