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Our dear friend Katherine, from Elegant Touches, is here today to share her story and what her team can do to help you with planning your wedding. If you have attended Edmonton’s Bridal Expo, Elegant Touches has already had a hand in helping bring your big day to life. Katherine is the one who orchestrates the luxury bridal trade show every Fall at the Shaw Conference Centre. {We are always so excited to be a part of the show!} Plus, being a friend of Preston Bailey’s, means she gets to be on his blog ~ cool!

{We first laid eyes on these adorable chalk chargers at the last Bridal Expo and fell in love!}

1. Give us your best Tweetography so we can get a better idea of who you are and what you do!

Elegant Touches is an award winning rental, design and event coordination firm specializing in luxury weddings, themed corporate events and many of Edmonton’s most prestigious annual galas. We are known for our very personalized service and our ability to customize decor to the specific needs of our clients.

2. Why did you become an event coordinator/decorator?

I have always been very attracted to all types of design and the creative use of colour. From as far back as I can remember, I was involved in the planning and decorating of events. My mother was known for throwing dinner parties with amazing attention to detail,  so I come by it honestly. After graduating from University and starting my career as an elementary school teacher, opportunities continued to arise. It started with friends and colleagues asking me to assist with their weddings because they appreciated my taste in the little details. Before I knew it, people were offering to pay me. I decided to take a year off from teaching to start a full time wedding planning business. Since then, I’ve never looked back. My high end clientele were looking for more choices in the areas of floor length linens, chair covers and elegant centre piece options. So in 1999, Elegant Touches was born and we added full service rentals in addition to our event coordination services.

{Ghost chairs add the perfect modern touch to an elegant setting}

3. What do you love most about your job? What is the most challenging?

We are very fortunate to work with people planning the most important events of their lives. Nothing is more inspiring than helping your clients achieve their dream. I love the creative process and having the opportunity to design and try new things – and of course, seeing the event come to fruition. I always get so excited when one of our wedding couples keeps coming back for baptisms, anniversary celebrations and other milestone events. Being that we have been in business for over 15 years, we have been able to share so much with these special families. As far as challenges, the honest answer is that this line of business can be very stressful. The hours we keep are less than desirable. It can be challenging sometimes to keep the creativity flowing when you have had a long string of events and can’t remember the last day off you’ve had. I have learned the importance of setting boundaries and getting the fuel I need to stay creative and focused. I have to make a very conscience effort to get the rest I need, take time for myself and enjoy my own adorable little family.

4. What makes Elegant Touches different? How do you provide a distinct wedding experience?

We offer one on one personalized consultations that take place in the comfort of our downtown Edmonton showroom and have a vast network of professional industry contacts both in Edmonton and internationally. {Katherine is currently the Canadian Distribution Partner for Preston Bailey Designs out of New York, providing his courses in event and floral design.} We carry a large inventory and are able to do events from as few as 2 guests and as a large as 1000 guests or more. Elegant Touches has received recognition for our coordination and design work both nationally and internationally through respected industry publications. If you are already working with a planner or do not require one, all of our services are available in any combination to meet your specific needs. We work with many of Edmonton’s finest designers and planners. We also provide specific event design services, where we look after the design, decor and all other elements such as lighting, AV and any other areas pertaining to your decor needs.

{photo – Kelsy Nielsen Photography; decor – Elegant Touches; stationery – Notables Stationers}

5. What are some of the upcoming trends that you are most excited about?

We love that glamour is making a huge come back. Other trends include the use of graphic prints, making a smaller footprint from an environmental perspective (the use of rentals is a “green” choice). Chandeliers continue to be strong on the decor front, as well as statement pieces/focal points and the use of flowing fabrics for perimeters, room dividers and backdrops. In the coming months, we are excited to be using some great new lighting techniques for our events as well as expanding on some classic vintage themes.

6. What are your tips for when brides and grooms are considering decor for their wedding?

Know your venue and what they can and cannot provide. Making assumptions can often lead to stress later. Choose a team of wedding professionals that you can trust entirely and who can work as a cohesive team. Check references and ask other vendors that you trust for referrals. Have an idea of the colours you want to incorporate. How do you want your guests to feel? How do you want your event to be remembered? What is the ambiance you want to create? Lighting is a very high impact part of your decor and often gets missed if not working with a designer. We are happy to assist! Candle light, regardless of the time of day, adds such a nice glow to the room. Chair covers – not all covers fit all chairs! Please ensure the cover you choose fits your banquet chair. Borrow one and try it on! And lastly, think outside the box. Opt for square tables, skip the traditional head table and maybe try a table in the middle of the room instead. Who says your floor plan has to look like everyone else’s?

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