Staff Pick: Christine

As some of you may know, Christine is the face behind our pen counter. In addition to pen sales, she is also a writer and lover of nature so she has chosen some of her favourite products that reflect her interests!

1. Homo Sapien Rollerball Pen ~ Not only are these beautiful writing instruments the finest hand crafted Italian quality that the Visconti brand name offers, they are also made of authentic volcanic rock from the Etna Volcano in Italy. A truly solid piece of craftsmanship.

2. Ogami Notebooks ~ Speaking of rocks, I have to mention the Ogami Notebooks which have smooth white pages that are actually made from stone. When I first saw these, I could not believe the amazing look and feel of the pages. Haven’t you ever wanted your ideas written in stone?

3. White Water Soy Candle ~ These Canadian made, earth friendly candles are available in a variety of floral and organic scents and are self contained in their own jar with a replaceable lid. The burn time on these aromatic soy candles is an amazing 100 hours!


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