Products We Love for Valentine’s Day!

Holiday round ups are some of my favourites! Read on to see what we’ve rounded up for you and your Valentine.

A lovely journal that is suitable for dreams, wishes and love poems and the perfect ballpoint pen to go with it! {journal ~ $14.95, Lamy Safari ~ $28} Or the perfect keepsake for you to share your photographic memories in this handmade photo album. Beautifully wrapped with mulberry paper from Thailand and designed in Quebec {$27}.

Basic Spirit pewter heart keychain handcrafted in Nova Scotia {$10}; Perfect for the teddy bear lover in your life, the “Prisoner of Love” from the Bearington Collection is too cute! {$15.50}.

1 ~ For the technologically savvy couple – handmade in Canada by Yellowbird; 2 ~ Great UK designed cards for the kids from Rachel Ellen Design; 3 ~ Anyone in love with Paris will adore this Rachel Ellen Design card; 4 ~ Beetles fan or not, this illustrated card is sure to get the point across; 5 ~ The velvet textures and puzzle aspect of this handmade card make it so unique; 6 ~ The perfect card for any Valentine in your life by Canadian company Flaunt; 7 ~ Always hilarious for ‘Mr. Perfect’.

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