Staff Pick Friday: Charmaine

Today’s Staff Pick comes from behind the wall… literally! Charmaine is our graphic designer who is quietly tucked behind the invitation area. So if you’re ever wondering what goes on behind that wall, it’s a whole lot of creativity and printing, as she is the one manning all of those jobs after Anne and I have met with each bride and groom.

{there are also laptop cases, iPad covers, wallets, mini wallets…}

As one of the graphic designers here are Notables, naturally she has a thing for paper, so when she laid eyes on the Mighty Wallet she was sold!

“When I found out that this paper was actually Tyvek, I was so excited! Tyvek is a non-toxic, super durable, tear resistant, light weight, breathable, water resistant material. It has so many uses but I recognized it as the giant sheets of material used to wrap around new houses as insulation – Crazy! I have purchased two of the wallets so far (not because they wore out but because there are so many fun designs I can’t choose just one). Ironically enough, the one I want next looks just like a sheet of lined paper!”

Because of the materials multiple uses, you can even write on them! In fact some of the designs are begging to be doodled all over. You can imagine Charmaine’s excitement when she found this out.

“One of my favourite Notables products is the Fisher Space Pen which just so happened to star in one of my favourite episodes of Seinfeld! The moment I found that we carried the Space Pen I knew I had to own one and now that I do there is no way I could ever be without one. I own the bullet, which is the perfect purse pen. When the cap is on, it is a mini pen (just longer than a business card) which means I can tuck it anywhere that fits my bank card and lip balm. The cap can then be switched to the back making it a full sized pen. This pen is also pressurized which allows it to function in ways that typical pens can’t. It works upside down, under water, in extreme temperatures, on smooth surfaces like pipe and tin and in zero gravity. It was after all designed for NASA for the Apollo Missions. How can you not love this pen?”

{I must chime in – I have the Silver Bullet and I love it because it doubles as jewelry for me as it hangs on a nice long silver chain.}

 ”This iPhone case is fantastic! It is the perfect mix between beauty and functionality. It is handcrafted from zebra wood which is typically found in Central Africa and has a firm place at the top of my Christmas list!”

Wonderful picks by Charmaine, our paper lover, and they all make for great stocking stuffers too!

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