Holiday Sentiments

Before the present comes the card and if anyone takes cards seriously, it’s us at Notables! A holiday card to share your wishes to friends and family can be one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give. Thankfully, Christmas cards come in a variety of forms, either sets of cards (generally 8-15) in boxes or individually if you would like to hand pick for everyone. It really just depends on how personal you would like to get with every card/person. For example, don’t feel any pressure to write a novel for your newest coworker of two months. My suggestion? Grab a box for friends from yoga and work, then hand pick for your family and close friends. Intimidated by a blank page? {We all can be! Writing Christmas cards can be like writing out Valentine cards to every kid in your grade one class; perhaps not necessary to absolutely every person, however it is always a nice gesture.} Make an evening of it with a festive flick playing in the background to set the mood. Have a list of everyone you would like to send a card to (neighbours, co-workers, family, friends, the mail man…) and a rough idea of what you would like to say to each person. The key here is to make it personal. There’s nothing like receiving a card and opening it up to read a thoughtful message.

Here are a few from our large selection!

These Cavallini card sets are perfect for anyone who enjoys the vintage style of  holiday imagery

These pop-up cards are so cute with a variety of wintery scenes featuring the most adorable pups and kitties!

Wendy Tancock has a wonderful selection of ‘Canadian’ cards that are perfect to send overseas!

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