Staff Pick Friday: Courtney

Are you thrown off by today’s post? Don’t be! It’s something new that I am adding to our week of posts, in hopes that you can enjoy more of Notables.

Courtney is our receiver/merchandiser extraordinaire who is wickedly funny, and today marks her last day with us. We are all so sad to see her go, but we will have an everlasting post of all of her favourite things! Lunch time shenanigans will be missed with you Courtney, but we wish you the best of luck in what ever the future holds for you!

{gift bag $3.50, magnet $7, journal $8.50}

First up for Courtney’s picks is a UK brand called, Waldo Pancake. {Yes, it is as hilarious as it’s quirky name.}

CGI love it because there is a wide variety of products including gift bags, notebooks, magnets, key chains, book marks, greeting cards and more. Not only are the items humorous at first glance but they also have fun little sayings on the back and for some notebooks, throughout them as well.

{The notebook shown above says, “Stand on head and write in, semi regretting buy decision” on the back. Fun, right? I feel like we all have a little Waldo Pancake in us all, and if not someone in your life would fit this sarcastic line.}

{Birthday cards $3.95; inside card: “I know aquariums can be a pain, so I left the goldfish at the pet store. You can visit any time. He’s the orange one.”}

CG – I actually laugh out loud when I read these Frank and Funny cards! There is something for everyone to enjoy. Each style is a joke written by a comedian and they don’t disappoint! I actually purchased five the day that they arrived and I am going back for more because I want to keep them on hand.

{paper straws in various colours $4.50/pkg. }

CG – These paper straws are so fun at parties, the different colours and styles make any beverage more exciting. I mean, everyone loves drinking out of a straw, why not spice it up a little?! And paper is better for the environment than plastic. I took a package out with my friends and I for my birthday and everyone at the restaurant commented on them. I actually gave most of them out to other patrons, who enjoyed them thoroughly.

{I still blow bubbles in my chocolate milk – so these are a must for me!}

{Diplomat fountain pen $90; available in beautiful pastels shows above}

CG – I use my Black Lacquer Esteem fountain pen all of the time and I always get such great compliments on it. It even gets people talking about writing instruments which gives me a chance to educate others on the necessity to carry and use a fountain pen!

There you have it readers, Courtney’s Notables It-List! I hope you all enjoy this beautiful fall weekend and if you know an engaged couple, send them to the Bridal Expo this Sunday at the Shaw Conference Centre.

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