Wedding Wednesday: Rubber Stamps

With Bridal Expo upon us, I wanted to talk all things trends! One of the biggest things that I have been seeing a lot lately is the rubber stamp. This is something that can be used on a large scale or a smaller scale to incorporate into your wedding invitation. The creative possibilities are endless ~ let me go into more detail! {This is for the crafty bride who wants little to no colour used on her wedding stationery.}

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As shown above, you can make your entire invitation into a rubber stamp {larger scale} cutting your paper to the size needed, designing your invitation just as you want it and converting it into a rubber stamp. The great thing about using a rubber stamp, is that you can stamp it onto much more than just paper; leather, wood veneer, linen, burlap, luncheon napkins, the list goes on!

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Similar to the idea before this one, this example shows that you can incorporate a rubber stamp to all ‘printed’ pieces for your wedding stationery. Why stop at the invitation? Any and all inserts can be stamped onto the stock or fabric you choose to use.

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I think this is a great piece to have! A rubber stamp of your return address is a handy thing to have. Not only can you use it for your reply envelopes and your outer envelopes, but you will have future use for it when you send out your thank you cards and any other pieces of mail from the newlyweds. Receiving something in the mail with a beautiful custom stamp on it, will be sure to be the first thing opened.

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Create a custom monogram and use it on all your accessories – even napkins! With a small monogram with your initials on it, you can transfer it to pretty much anything and personalize your entire day. Use this on your wedding programs, favour tags, welcome bags, table numbers, menus, place cards, signage, etc.

So, how do you do this? {I’m also a mind reader!} It would be the exact same process as custom designing your invitation in store, we would just out source the rubber stamp part instead of printing them in house. And that goes for any part of it – just the invitation, or return address, or a monogram! I did mention earlier that this would be for someone who wanted minimal colour, but in theory you could purchase different coloured ink pads instead of using the standard black option. There is so much to be done with having the writing of your invitation in the palm of your hand. If you would like to sit down and throw some ideas around with Anne or myself, you can click here to book an appointment online or you can call the store to speak to one of us.


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